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Watchdog over Kids’ Cellphones?

My husband recently sent me this article on  software that will monitor your teen’s where about, calls, texts, etc. I found it fascinating and wanted to share it with all of you. I’m not sure what your teen would think … Continue reading

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Is your teen’s messy bedroom killing you?

I can’t stand to look at my teenagers’ bedrooms. A mere glimpse in that direction puts me in a horrible mood and turns me into a nagging, screaming, nutcase! I tell myself I’m going to punish my kids by leaving the piles of … Continue reading

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Teens exchange Facebook passwords to show love

Apparently, the new equivalent to teen sex or showing love is sharing your Facebook password. Why are teens sooooo trusting of each other? The New York Times reported today that teenagers are sharing passwords for Facebook, Tumblr and/or other accounts in order to … Continue reading

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Would you call the cops on your teenager?

I just read a story that I could totally relate to and I love the commentary added by Lisa Belkin. On the Huffington Post parenting blog Belkin writes: no one can get to us — worry us, provoke us, amaze … Continue reading

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Teen Belly Buttons: To pierce or not to pierce?

Recently my 14-year-old daughter asked me if she could  get her belly button pierced.  As I stood there wanting to scream “HECK NO”!, I realized she needed to see that I was respecting her time to talk with me and … Continue reading

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Why I love MTV’s Awkward

If you haven’t seen an episode yet of MTV’s Awkward, you should. Yes, it’s ANOTHER show about the high school years –complete with love triangles and mean girls. And, like most shows based on the high school years, you’ve got your … Continue reading

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Using technolgoy to keep up with your teens

I realize I’m so last year. I’ve finally mastered this texting thing…OMG I’ve even got some of the text terms down… and now here comes all kinds of new Apps and technology to communicate with your teen. From her law … Continue reading

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