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Is it EVER going to get easier?

I am sitting here during my lunch hour at work contemplating how my husband and I are going to deal/handle yet another “drama” with our daughter Olivia. Just when I think there’s hope, the mask comes off and here comes … Continue reading

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Raising Teens Blog Moves

We now have a new web address that will allow us to do more on our site….Please visit!

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Young Teens posting “Am I Ugly?” Videos

Can it be true? Can our young teens have such low self esteem that they are posting videos asking YouTube users to comment on their appearance? Yes. It’s true and it’s horrifying. There’s a growing trend of teen and tween … Continue reading

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Watchdog over Kids’ Cellphones?

My husband recently sent me this article on  software that will monitor your teen’s where about, calls, texts, etc. I found it fascinating and wanted to share it with all of you. I’m not sure what your teen would think … Continue reading

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What are teens being taught in school?

This video freaked me out? What’s going on in America’s schools? Let me know your reaction to the video — scary, funny, weird, important? Teens answer questions

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Would you call the cops on your teenager?

I just read a story that I could totally relate to and I love the commentary added by Lisa Belkin. On the Huffington Post parenting blog Belkin writes: no one can get to us — worry us, provoke us, amaze … Continue reading

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Do we really know our teenagers?

My daughter said to me the other day after our daily/weekly “mother/daughter bonding” moment, that I really “didn’t know her.” She said that who she is around her friends is “who she really is.” Well, I then asked her “Who are you?” She … Continue reading

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