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When your teen daughter starts to drive…

The other day, I agreed to let my daughter drive to a nearby strip center. Of course, I should have swallowed valium first. She has been driving for a few months now and I didn’t realize that she hadn’t mastered  the parking lot. As she … Continue reading

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How responsible are we for our teens actions?

Being a parent is not for sissies. As a parent of a teenager, every time I hear about a teen-related car accident, I cringe. If you haven’t seen Footloose yet, be warned, the opening scene is gut wrenching. But this … Continue reading

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Tracking Device for teen drivers?

My husband recently told me about an article he read on   regarding spying on your teen driver by using a tracking device. I haven’t decided whether my daughter will find it intrusive or a reason she can start driving even sooner. Mom … Continue reading

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