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Teens exchange Facebook passwords to show love

Apparently, the new equivalent to teen sex or showing love is sharing your Facebook password. Why are teens sooooo trusting of each other? The New York Times reported today that teenagers are sharing passwords for Facebook, Tumblr and/or other accounts in order to … Continue reading

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Don’t underestimate the power of teens to make someone famous

A few weeks ago, some kids were over my house cracking up at a video they were watching on You Tube. They called me over to the computer to watch it. Frankly, I was just thrilled to be considered cool enough … Continue reading

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Are you an embarrasing Facebook parent?

After posting a hello, welcome back from summer camp message on the Facebook wall of my daughter’s friend, I was informed that I’m an embarrassing mother. Who knew? I’ve since learned that it’s acceptable to be friends with a teen … Continue reading

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