Teen Belly Buttons: To pierce or not to pierce?

Recently my 14-year-old daughter asked me if she could  get her belly button pierced.  As I stood there wanting to scream “HECK NO”!, I realized she needed to see that I was respecting her time to talk with me and that I owed it to her to at least listen.

Ok, I listened as she told me that “all her friends have done it,  she would not flaunt it, what is the big deal, it’s better than a tattoo”, etc.. etc..

As contemplated my response, I asked her why it was so important to her? She said that she always wanted to get one, but, she knew we (her dad and I), would never allow it because she was too young. So  I asked her,  “Don’t you think you are too young now?” She said “no.”  She told me most kids her age are getting them, especially the soccer players in her league.

I personally think she is too young, but I am also her mother and am biased when it comes to her. I don’t see her like everyone else. It’s my job to protect her and make decisions that I feel are best for her now and in the future.

I said I would discuss it with her dad and she responded,  “Oh, dad will say no, so you have to convince him to say yes.” WHAT? I told her I was not “convincing” anyone and all I could promise her was a conversation with her dad. If she did not like that response then the answer was “no.” She said “fine”, she would wait.

I think I am just pushing off a battle with her since I don’t want her to have it and I know her dad will most definitely not want her to have it either.

So, I ask you, what do I do?  Do I fight this battle till the end with a stern “No” or should I pick my battles and just compromise and take her and make sure it is a small, nice piercing? Am I making a bigger deal than it needs to be? No one will see it anyway right?

Would love your feedback and opinion.

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4 Responses to Teen Belly Buttons: To pierce or not to pierce?

  1. Dear Parent,
    In God we dwell.
    Sat Nam.
    I am responding to your question about your daughter’s desire to body pierce her navel.
    First of all let me introduce myself to you. I am a kundalini yoga teacher/trainer, doctor of cymatics and bio energetic medicine, master skeletal therapy practitioner, ayurvedic practitioner, gatka self defense teacher, muscian/singer, Minister of Sikh Dharma of the Western Hemisphere, father of two children and husband. I have been involved in my chosen healing profession for 43 years and have traveled and lived all over the world. Enroll your
    daughter in 3HO kundalini yoga classes as taught by Yogi Bhajan and attend the classes with her. We teach that the creator created human beings perfectly in His image with nine holes and that we already holy enough.
    If we as human beings truely believe that we are the most intelligent, highly developed species of life on this planet created perfectly in the image of our creator , each one of us totally uniqe with our own special features and gifts, then why are we constantly trying to improve something which is already perfect by piercing it, cutting it, applying make up to it, molding it with plastic surgery and God knows what else?
    Kundalini Yoga teaches us a special awareness of our body and mind and heightens our intuition so that we can live in tune with the entire creation. Teach your daughter and sing with her that simple but beautiful song by Donovan that he wrote back in the 60’s: “Happiness runs in a circular motion, Life is like a little boat upon the Sea, everybody is a part of everything anyway, you can have it all if you let yourself be. Why oh because, Why Oh Because!

  2. Evelyn Roux says:

    I’m a 14 year old girl and no one I know has their belly button peirced… But I say you let Her do it. After all, not that many people will see it. Make sure it’s small, though. Eventually she’ll probably decide she doesn’t like it anymore and want to take it out. Hope I could help!

  3. Patric says:

    Though this post is a bit dated, I still leave an answer as, maybe, people will search for an answer to similar questions and find this here.

    I find it a very good approach you took to respect her efforts to discuss this with you. Since she did like that, I would really make it a discussion about all pros and contras.

    1) Piercings in general, not only belly-button, are a serious health risk! I’d do some read-up on this and discuss it with her, showing her the sources and the possible consequences.

    2) Don’t spare her from watching the “ugly” pictures of infections, ripped out piercings, etc. She’s old enough for a piercing, she thinks, then I think she’s old enough to face all possible consequences “uncensored”. Let her think about what she saw there.

    3) The (in)famous “and if all the others jump off a cliff…” Is it really a good reason to do something because all the others did? If she comes to you discussing something like this with you, it’s a sign that she’s really growing up. Discuss this topic in an adult manner with her. Bring up the fact that in Nazi-Germany millions of people died because people did what they saw other people doing. It seems a bit exagerated but this is very much an adult topic and she will feel like you see her as old enough to discuss such things with her. Make her think about the “following the mainstream” on her own.

    It’s been a while since you posted it, I hope you could resolve it.


    • Dr. Khalsa says:

      We teach and train teachers in KundaliniYoga and also practise SikhDharma or SikhWayOfLife, one of the world’s ten major religions. From a yogic standpoint we all already have nine holes in our bodies so in effect we are naturally Holy. Puncturing more holes in our physical body also negatively effects by our seventh spiritual body (Aura or ElectroMagneticField) by putting holes in it making us weaker physically, mentally and spiritually……

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