Are teen costumes getting too sexy?

Here’s a story from the website of a Dallas TV station that made me think about what I’m going to let my daughter wear tonight. I thought I’d share it with you. Do you think teen costumes are getting too sexy?

Short skirts and revealing tops — they’ve become staples for teen
Halloween costumes.

Some parenting experts say they’re getting sexier and sexier. They’re urging moms and dads to know where to stop. But look at what’s showing in the costume shops and it’s no wonder teen girls want to dress sexy…it’s what stores are selling.

Lots of parents are being faced with a tough decision. Just how sexy
should your teenager dress for Halloween?

Halloween costumes for young girls these days have gotten so sexy they’re
scaring some parents.

“A lot of the prepackaged items that are coming out today are targeted
toward that more sexual flare of a costume,” said Parenting expert Amy

Quincy Lynch, 12, had her eye on packaged pirate get up.

“I just like the pirate-ness I guess, I don`t know,” said Lynch. Her
mom says she tries to shoe her away from the sexier stuff.

“Yeah, you kind of have to actually steer them away sometimes from aisles
that aren’t very age appropriate,” said Shannon Lynch.

Amy Zicarelli, is a parenting expert with Kidville, who says costumes for those
under 18 got sassier as Halloween become more popular among adults.

“They go out and they get really fun costumes that tend to be on the sexy
side, well that has trickled down to our teenagers and our tweens and even to
our young children into the toddlers,” said Zicarelli.

This year sexy rapper Nicki Minaj is topping Google’s list of most searched

Outfits for other scantily clad pop stars are hits among teens too.

“I just saw the Lady Gaga and the wing, so that might be fun, something different,” high school student Kathryn Thiel.

“Not too sexy. I mean, some of them are a little inappropriate. It just depends on what it is, what the character is,” said parent Candice Thiel.

The owner of Costume World in Dallas considers her store and “apple pie” shop. She says tries not to stock teen costumes she thinks cross the line.

“We want the young girls to look cute and enjoy their costume, but we also want to cover them up,” said Costume World Owner Marilyn Wick.

Zicarelli says parents should be shopping for costumes with their teens and make sure certain standards are set.

“At Halloween it`s very important for parents to be able to put their foot down and set boundaries,” she said.

It’s a strategy that seems to have worked for Quincy Lynch.

“I have a Winne-The-Pooh costume at home, so I think I`m going to do that,” said Lynch.

Zicarelli says if you put together a costume with your own pieces it can be easier do avoid being sexy.

Here’s a link to the TV video:


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