New disciplinary strategy for your teen?

You have taken the phone away, taken Facebook away, taken computer time away, taken TV away, taken going out with friends away, what else is left? Been there, done that right? Problem is, what do you do when you run out of punishments that just don’t have the impact you want it to?

I recently came up with a new disciplinary strategy for my 14-year-old daughter Olivia. Now, I don’t mean  make your bed, vacuum, fold clothes punishments, No! Those are daily chores not punishments.  I mean hard, elbow-grease work.  Painting!!

It all started one day, after Olivia and I got into our usual “differences of opinions”  spat, and I was tired of the same old punishments. So, I needed to think of something different that will have more of an effect on her.

After talking with my husband about some of the things that needed to get done outside and having our jungle gym in the backyard painted was one of them,  it dawned on me,  “Why don’t we have Olivia do it?” This way, she is not on the phone, texting, watching TV,  or on the computer and we get the jungle gym painted! YES! I like this a lot!

Well, last Friday, Olivia started painting our jungle gym and to say she is not happy is an understatement.

New disciplinary strategy for your teen

There are spider webs in the jungle gym so she was freaking out. Her dad told her to get a broom to get rid of the spider webs. Real simple. She then calls me to tell me that ” I can’t paint the jungle gym because there are too many spiders.” I told her again, to take the broom and clean it. She said that “they are coming from everywhere and I already got bit.” My luck, she is deadly afraid of spiders and they are all around her. I just can’t win. I told her to improvise and paint the outside of the jungle gym not inside where the spiders are.

Well, the jungle gym is almost done, but I have to say I was proud to see how much she accomplished, not without a lot of complaining of course.

I still prefer this strategy to some of the others. Now, we just have to wait and see if it works! Stay tuned!!

So tell me, what is your disciplinary strategy for your teen? Does it work? Can’t wait to read about them.

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6 Responses to New disciplinary strategy for your teen?

  1. Pamela says:

    Personally I’m a big fan of manual labor – it’s good for the character and good for the soul. I find my teens feel better about themselves after they’ve had a chance to pay “retribution” with some manual labor.

    • mominthesprings says:

      Glad to know we are on the same page Pamela. I agree with you as well that it’s “good for the character and good for the soul.”

      Thank you for your feedback!

  2. Debra says:

    Great ideas, I like it. I am not allowed to go to a popular place to eat w/ my son anymore if teeenagers frequent there. Hang out & have dinner w/ MOM?? NOOOO way. Only spots he will not be seen. It is getting challenging. Thanks for good advise & reading.

    By the way, Cindy & daughter, great pals & I believe it is ok to be BFF’s & know when to draw the line & she does. I set up a chore chart with small dollar increments if each chore is done. Seems to be working in most areas.

  3. Kim says:

    My God you are a sadist. The poor child! You are not by any chance of North Korean ancestry?

  4. Bin Tage says:

    Good ol spanking…:D

  5. Sammie says:

    Anal sex for me… ouch!

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