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Are teen costumes getting too sexy?

Here’s a story from the website of a Dallas TV station that made me think about what I’m going to let my daughter wear tonight. I thought I’d share it with you. Do you think teen costumes are getting too … Continue reading

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How responsible are we for our teens actions?

Being a parent is not for sissies. As a parent of a teenager, every time I hear about a teen-related car accident, I cringe. If you haven’t seen Footloose yet, be warned, the opening scene is gut wrenching. But this … Continue reading

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High School limits on bathroom breaks?

My mom is a frequent bathroom goer. So is my 14-year-old son. Of course, he would be humiliated if I announced that to the world. But it’s true. So, when I heard about a high school limiting students’ bathroom breaks, … Continue reading

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Media giving a message to your teenage daughter?

I recently saw this video on Facebook. It’s called:Miss Representation Here’s the link: I want to share it with all of you. If you are a mom, sister, daughter, wife or girlfriend, you will enjoy this video. It was quite … Continue reading

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Stupid teachers, know any?

How do you handle it when your kids insist a teacher is stupid? This semester, both of my high schoolers have the same teacher and they both spend at least an hour after school telling me about her stupidity. Ugh, I hate … Continue reading

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Are you a nosy parent? Where to draw the line on privacy

Over the weekend, a bunch of kids were over and I heard them talking about a text some girl had sent my son. She was accusing him of breaking up a couple who were mutual friends. From the conversation in … Continue reading

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New disciplinary strategy for your teen?

You have taken the phone away, taken Facebook away, taken computer time away, taken TV away, taken going out with friends away, what else is left? Been there, done that right? Problem is, what do you do when you run … Continue reading

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