Tracking Device for teen drivers?

My husband recently told me about an article he read on   regarding spying on your teen driver by using a tracking device.

I haven’t decided whether my daughter will find it intrusive or a reason she can start driving even sooner. Mom can track her so no reason for worries. Wrong! Even with a tracking device,  a parent still does not have control over other drivers.

I told my daughter about this article and the tracking device and she said, “I hope you don’t put that in my car someday. All that device does is give kids a reason to go against parents wishes. The device just shows kids that our parents don’t trust us. That only leads to kids finding ways to out smart their parents. You are better off trusting your child so you don’t tempt them to betray you. Kids can park their cars at their friend’s house and go into another car and then go where their parents did not want them to go.”

So then I asked her if I didn’t put the device in her car and just trusted her outright would she listen to me and my rules. She said she would. Well, I will have to take her word on that. Let’s see if that holds true when the time comes.

I ask you, do you think these tracking devices will help ease your worries or will your worries still be there?  Is the device worth it if it means your teens think you don’t trust them, encouraging them to find ways to outsmart you?

Should we just be honest with our teens and communicate our concerns and give them rules and guidelines to abide so they wont feel the need to deceive us?  No matter how you feel or what you decide, teen driving still is stressful on parents.

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One Response to Tracking Device for teen drivers?

  1. Jenn Katz says:

    Thank you for the interesting read. My daughter just started driving, and she has a GPS tracking device in her car. She is ok with it, so she says, because she is still unsure of herself when driving and likes that the unit beeps at her when she is speeding. She also respects that I have her best interest at heart by monitoring her, and feels it shows how much I care for her. So, I guess it just depends on the teen that is being monitored. For me, the GPS system has given me just a little peace of mind, which is well worth it.

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