When should your teen start to drive?

My daughter recently started telling me about cars she would like
to drive and even started looking online for them. Though she is 14, she is
already eager for her learners permit. My husband & I are NOT looking
forward to the next two years. I know I was 16 when I drove by myself, but times
were different then. We did not have cell phones with the ability to text while
driving or all these other teen distractions.

I know eventually she will drive but, we don’t
think she grasps the responsibility and danger that comes with driving. I truly
believe for her it’s status thing and I worry about her safety.

Now, do not get me wrong. I am sure my mom
worried as well, but we did not have the distractions we have now a days while
driving. I am telling you, I do not look forward to what lies ahead!

I have no problem teaching my daughter how to
drive and having her drive with me in the car, it’s the part where she
eventually drives by herself that I have difficulty with…I don’t trust the
other drivers!!

Teens strive for independence; however we must
teach them that with independence comes responsibility and accountability. Driving
is a privilege not a right. I read and hear about all these car accidents that
teens die in because of their inexperience and that is what concerns me.
I have no control over the outside world while she is driving, but I do have
control over teaching her how to drive safely and how to be a smart driver.

So I ask you, when do you think is a good age for a teen to drive?
16? 17? or even 18? Whatever age, I’m still going to worry.

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2 Responses to When should your teen start to drive?

  1. Pamela says:

    My son turned 16 in August and while he legally could have taken driver’s education at age 14 and 8 months in our state, he did not start expressing and interest in driving until he was 15 1/2. We are taking it slow and we are following my son’s lead. He took the first segment of driver’s education in late May of this year. It has taken over 3 months to gain 1/2 of his driving experience hours. He is not chomping at the bit by any means. I don’t anticipate that he will get his license for another six months. My advice is to follow your teen’s lead. If they are as interested in driving as your daughter seems to be, go ahead and let her take driver’s education. If you child is not talking about it, don’t push it.

    • I totally agree with Pamela. My teenaged daughter just turned 17 and does not want to learn to drive although the majority of her friends either have their licenses or taking lessons. She says it is too stressful so I’m not pushing her. We are not ones to bow to peer-pressure (some of my friends are even asking why she isn’t driving yet and urging me to “make” her take lessons). When she is ready, she can take the lessons.

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