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Family dinners matter

It’s so easy to kill dinner hour, especially when your teen criticizes that chicken creation you’ve struggled to put on the table. And then there are all the activities that have teens running in or out at all hours making it nearly impossible … Continue reading

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OCD or Responsible Mom?

My daughter keeps telling me that I am a OCD mom because I continually get on her about organizing  and keeping her room  clean and straightened.  She leaves things lying around and I want her to put it in its right place so she … Continue reading

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Tracking Device for teen drivers?

My husband recently told me about an article he read on   regarding spying on your teen driver by using a tracking device. I haven’t decided whether my daughter will find it intrusive or a reason she can start driving even sooner. Mom … Continue reading

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High School, High Stress

The minute my teens get home from school, they start complaining about how much homework they have — usually it’s at least a couple hours worth. Of course, the next thing I hear about is how unfair it is…and part of me agrees. … Continue reading

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Mother and Daughter BFFs

I think of my daughter as my BFF. There, I admitted it! The realization hit me when my daughter went out of town with friends last weekend. I moped around the whole time. I bet the “parenting experts” are horrified. But … Continue reading

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When should your teen start to drive?

My daughter recently started telling me about cars she would like to drive and even started looking online for them. Though she is 14, she is already eager for her learners permit. My husband & I are NOT looking forward … Continue reading

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Why I love MTV’s Awkward

If you haven’t seen an episode yet of MTV’s Awkward, you should. Yes, it’s ANOTHER show about the high school years –complete with love triangles and mean girls. And, like most shows based on the high school years, you’ve got your … Continue reading

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