Has the Glee Cast gone too far in sexy photo shoot?

                                                                                     Terry Richardson for GQ


Have you heard? The cast of Glee has created a stir with is ultra sexy photo spread for GQ magazine.

Have these actors suddenly turned into poor role models for teens?

For the magazine, Cory Monteith (Finn) is fully clothed in every shot, but Dianna Argon and Lea Michele are scantily clad with their bras and panties showing. In one shot, Lea is licking a lollipop and making sexy faces. Yes, it’s a little raunchy.

Kate at Parenting.com says she see why these actors felt the need to do this. Personally, I don’t like it, but I really don’t fault the cast members for doing the shoot. In real life, they are in their 20s. Why shouldn’t they make a buck when their value is high? Television stars celebrity rises and falls pretty quickly and being on the cover of GQ is a huge coup.

I love that Glee writers have handled issues like homosexuality and teen pregnancy with flair. I like that the show’s teen followers look up to the show’s amazing cast. And, while teens normally wouldn’t buy GQ, they will when their celebrity crushes are on the cover.

To me, this photo shoot is the perfect segue into a conversation with your teen about what’s appropriate to wear and do at what age.  It’s a chance to tell your teen that it’s not ok to pose scantily clad for attention. If you have seen what girls wear to high school these days, you might want to have that conversation pretty darn fast!


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