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Should teens trick or treat?

How old is too old to trick or trick? Is it 12, 13, or 21? Did you know that some cities across the country have adopted age limits for trick or treating – usually around 12 years old.  They’re actually giving … Continue reading

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Has the Glee Cast gone too far in sexy photo shoot?

                                                                                     Terry Richardson for GQ   Have you heard? The cast of Glee has created a stir with is ultra sexy photo spread for GQ magazine. Have these actors suddenly turned into poor role models for teens? For the magazine, Cory Monteith … Continue reading

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Should teens be banned from the mall?

The Aventura Mall in North Dade has made a bold move. It has banned teens under the age of 18 from entering the mall, walking around or attending a movie after 9:30 p.m. without an adult chaperone.  The ban makes … Continue reading

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When a teen party gets out of hand

As a parent, there are times when you relent to your child’s pleas. The Rasabis of Boca Raton did just that. They let their teen sons have a homecoming after party at their home. Big mistake! The party turned into a … Continue reading

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The Homecoming Dance: when raising teens gets tough

It’s my daughter’s homecoming dance this weekend. She sees pretty dresses, and the crowning of high school royalty.  Her morbid mother sees overpriced tickets, awkward moments, fist fights, and car crashes. Frankly, I’d rather she stay home and play with dolls. … Continue reading

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What Teens Can Learn About Money From Mistakes of Pro-Athletes

Your son thinks he’s going to be the next Le Bron James? What a coincidence, so does mine! Will I be using this to my advantage? You bet I will. Here’s my strategy for teaching him a financial lesson: I … Continue reading

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