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Rain, rain on my teenager’s head

Today, it’s pouring rain in South Florida as a tropical depression threatens our area. I begged my kids to take umbrellas with them to school. Their response: Nerd alert! Apparently, if you are a teen, it’s much cooler to get … Continue reading

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Letter to Teens from a Middle School Teacher

An interesting email landed in my Inbox at work. It included a letter from a middle school teacher to his 13-year-old students.  Dear  Students: When you communicate with me and any of the faculty at the school via email, you are expected … Continue reading

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Don’t touch that dial

Today, it hit me….I no longer have control over my car stereo. From the minute my teens get in the car, they are changing stations, cranking up the tunes, adjusting the fader and shoving CDs in and out of the … Continue reading

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Facing a coach’s rejection

  Has your child ever headed out for football tryouts, convinced he’s the next Peyton Manning, only to get cut from the school team? Every fall, the hopeful warriors of tryout season head to the fields, gyms and tracks across … Continue reading

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Teen texting, could it help writing skills?

My father in law was kind enough to put my son on his cell phone plan — until he got the bill for the 5,000 text messages my son had sent and received. Most adults are crazy, crazy, crazy over how … Continue reading

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Don’t underestimate the power of teens to make someone famous

A few weeks ago, some kids were over my house cracking up at a video they were watching on You Tube. They called me over to the computer to watch it. Frankly, I was just thrilled to be considered cool enough … Continue reading

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You can hear your mom…right son?

How many times a day do you say something to your child, only to have them appear totally oblivious to the fact that words are coming out of your mouth? Ten times a day? Well, your kid may have a valid … Continue reading

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